Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This video talks about what we do on Monday nights and how it has impacted some of the men involved.

Refuge of Hope: Streetlights from LoveCanton on Vimeo.

Hello Everyone!

Well, here goes...My hope for this blog is to be able to share the way God has impacted my life through the friends that I have made at and through the Refuge of Hope in Canton, OH. I would also like to bring awareness to homelessness in hopes that we, as a society might not try to "fix" it by throwing money at it, but engage it by giving ourselves over to loving people with the love of Christ. I will also be sharing the opinions, thoughts, stories and struggles of my friends from the Refuge. It is time for the church to get back to its responsibility to care for the poor, the widow and the orphan. We don't do that by complaining about what is not happening, we do it by loving people and getting our hands dirty! We, as the Body of Christ need to go beyond the streetlights and profess the hope that is provided in Jesus Christ our Lord!