Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A life changed

The following was written by a dear friend from the Refuge:

The Monday Night Guys

In the spring of 2008, I lost my job and apartment and moved into a homeless shelter called the Refuge of Hope. That's when I met the Monday night guys. They are Christian guys that come down to the Refuge of Hope every Monday night and cook hot dogs or sausages and play cornhole with the guys that live at the shelter. They would ask how our lives were going and talk about God, Jesus and they would pray for those who needed prayer. In July I got a job, but in August some bad events happened to me and I lost the job that I had just got. I became mad at the world and gave up hope for God and quit praying. For a few weeks I didn't even go to the Monday night cookout.

When I started going to the cookout again I talked to the guys about how I felt and they asked me to read a couple of scriptures and pray about some things in my life. They asked me to pray about some things in my life for a couple of weeks and if things didn't get a little better they would leave things as they were. Well, things did get a little better and I now have hope again in God and I'm praying. Since then these guys started a Bible study after the cookout which I enjoy going to. It's not mandatory, but it seems like most of the homeless guys would rather stand by the door of the shelter waiting to get in, instead of attending the Bible study. Most of the people that go to the cookout seem to take advantage of these guys and are not there for the hope and prayer these guys want to give. It seems like they are only there for the food. These Monday night guys give up time away from their family to come down to the Refuge on Monday nights for the homeless. I thank God for knowing the Monday night guys and for giving up their time, hope and prayers for me and the homeless.


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