Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Size of the Throne Room

I don’t know if I am the only one…I doubt that I am, who is incredibly excited that Spring is finally here. Last night, we had the cornhole boards back out on the street and things seemed back to normal. With all the excitement, I figured that we really wouldn’t focus if we tried to do the Bible study, so I decided that we would spend time in prayer. We broke off into 2 groups and prayed first for each others’ needs and then for those people that God put on our hearts. I think there is wisdom in dealing with your own stuff first before you can effectively pray for someone else. I don’t think that is wrong or selfish…sometimes there are needs, struggles or just stuff to get off our chests. Well we did that and it was good!

A new guy, who has recently come to the Lord joined us in prayer and it was encouraging to hear him explain what was happening in his life. The funny thing is, is that he could not really explain it. How can we explain something that we have never experienced? He tried and stumbled a little and had his theology off a bit, but it was genuine. I couldn’t help but think that the Nick from a few years ago would have jumped on him and corrected him. Boy, would that have been inappropriate and wrong. Unfortunately, I did that a lot, thankfully God has helped me with that. So he prayed and said it was the first time that he had ever prayed in a group like that. He asked if he messed up? I smiled. To think of what God feels when he hears this guy pray, I know that he is not thinking, “Man, you really screwed that up!” Like a father is excited to hear his child talk for the first time or see him walk for the first time, our heavenly Father was probably feeling in a similar way. My new friend has things to learn, things to unlearn and steps to take, but God is working in his heart and the light that has never known darkness is invading every deep recess of his soul.

We stood under the streetlight and prayed and I realized the size of God’s throne room. We enter his throne room when we pray, and how big and vast it truly is! He turned his ear to everything we said and felt, all the hurts, all the prayers for families broken, relationships that are on the fritz, struggles, health concerns, hopes for jobs and feelings of hopelessness. He hears all these things. He works in all these things. He uses all these things. His Spirit dwelt there among us as we prayed. We breathed Him in and he was as close to us as our skin. How amazing that the Creator would stoop down to us and hear us! And that he would help us with the stuff we don’t really know how to say. God does this, this is real and He is eager to hear us and have us hear Him. Do you long to communicate with God in this way? Do you understand prayer? Or do you see it as the way in which we simply ask God for stuff? He knows our needs, we don’t have to ask, but its the process of communication and growing in relationship to Him that prayer develops in believers. When did you last enter the throne room?...What are you waiting for?

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