Monday, June 14, 2010

Coram Deo

Latin...isn't it great!!  What the heck does this mean?  Simply, it means "before the face of God".  Our friends during the Reformation coined this term and it refers to how we should live our lives as Christians.  Everything we do is before the face of God; all that we say, all that we look at, all that we think about and all that we do or don't do.  I want to get this tattooed to the inside of my eyelids so I don't forget this.  When I think about this, it gives me chills.  But don't confuse my chills as terror, instead I feel an immense sense of reverance and awe to know that God sees not only my life in this way, but all who live.  That means you too!!  Whether you "believe" in God or not, you are living your life before the face of God.  I pray that this phrase has the same impact for you as it does for me.  Have a blessed day! Jesus Christ loves you deeply!

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