Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hamburger with an Egg

I stood in a kitchen Monday night chatting with a guy who has become a good friend. Let's call him Frank. Frank had been having a great couple of days for a multitude of reasons. Doesn't sound that extraordinary yet does it? Let me give you some background. Frank has had a rough few years. He watched many of the things in his life slip away: his family, his job and much of his hope. Frank struggled with things that had a grip on him and he was unable to get free of that hold. Frank was homeless for a time. We met months ago and in one of the first conversations we had, Frank shared his testimony with me. Frank had recommitted himself to Christ and was trying his best to live for Him in the midst of his situation. Frank was a faithful attendee of Bible study and continues to be. Every week I was privileged to hear Frank's honest feelings on God and where he stood with Him. I was always encouraged by Frank and all that he brought to the group. God was stretching Frank inside and it was great to watch. This isn't even the best part yet!

Frank was able to save up some money over a few months and based on what he felt God was telling him to do, he bought a house for about $1,000. Day and night, Frank worked and continues to work on the house. His vision is to continue to do this, buying these houses that need a great deal of love and work on them. He isn't interested in the ever popular trend of flipping houses or anything like that. He wants to help bring homeless men to their feet and give them an opportunity to get back into a normal life. God provided Frank with heaps of donations (washer and dryer, lumber, tools, etc) to repair his house. He has brought a few guys to live with him and he hopes to be able to continue.

Now for the best part! For months Frank would ask for prayer that he would get to see his kids again soon. He longed to be the father that he should be to his kids. I called Frank on my way to drop some things off to him on Monday and he told me that his son was there with him. His initiative, refusal to quit and trust in Christ, led him to this point. We stood and wept together in his kitchen Monday night at the greatness of God's grace, mercy and provision. Meanwhile, Frank made what meal he could for them, hamburgers with a fried egg on top (in a hot dog bun to boot!) His son watched cartoons, while we stood in the kitchen. I couldn't help but be amazed at our Lord, though I should know that this is what He is all about; Jesus Christ is a Master Builder, a Great Redeemer, a Repairer of lives, the Great Provider and He never tires! What a God we serve!

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  1. awesome story of what God does... thanks for the encouragement!