Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dead Men Don't Sing

We are back at our home church, Stanwood Community Church. It has been good to be home and enjoy the fellowship of these great people. Something struck me this morning while we were singing. My wife and I have talked about this over the last few weeks. I have noticed it and think that it is pretty  incredible. A couple weeks ago I asked my wife on the way home if she noticed anything when we were singing. She said, "It was pretty great, is that what you mean?" I agreed, but told her what I was referring to was that what I could hear the most as we sung, men actually singing. Not just singing songs because that's what we do at that part of the church service, but men singing from their hearts to their heavenly Father. It's beautiful! It's so encouraging!

We live in a time when men are far from the pew on Sunday morning and even if they are there in the pews, they aren't singing. I am reminded of something that Alistair Begg said a few years back in a talk he gave for a pastor's conference. He said, "Dead men don't sing." He was talking about spiritually dead men. Listen to them and you will find that they don't sing. They don't sing because they, at that point in their lives, have not been made alive by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But this morning and the last few weeks that I have been paying attention, I haven't heard that silence from men as we worship. Normally, you just hear the ladies rocking out the melody, but I am blessed to be with men at this church who love Jesus Christ and are glad to be able to sing to Him.

How about you men? Did you sing this morning to your Savior? Do you know Him? Did you have a reason to sing? Or was whatever you were doing this morning more important? Remember, dead men don't sing.

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